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Long Island Mold Removal Services is Long Islander’s top choice for mold removal and remediation services.  We are a licensed and insured mold remediation inspection company that is qualified and trained to rid your house of mold and the dangers mold brings along.  We put the health of you and your family first, guaranteeing a safe and efficient mold remediation process so that you may get back to enjoying your home in a healthy manner.  We have state of the art equipment, tools and chemicals to get the job done properly and quickly. Mold is both unsightly and dangerous so it is important to act expediently if you fear you may have mold growth.  If you believe your house may have mold, call Long Island’s mold removal company of choice: Long Island Mold Removal Services. 

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Mold is a type of fungus caused by damp, dark spaces. Mold grows both indoors and outdoors. Indoors it is often found in attics or basements due to a build up of of moisture from flooding, leaks or humidity. Often times, you can detect the presence of mold in your home by smell (a musty smell we often associate with basements) or illness, such as non-seasonal allergies or cold and flu symptoms. Mold releases small pores into the air which can be inhaled into the lungs, potentially causing respiratory problems, itchy and watery eyes, fatigue and a depressed immune system. Because of the severity of the risks associated with mold, it is imperative that you contact a Long Island mold removal company if you fear you may have mold growth in your home.

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Our mold removal and remediation process uses the most technologically advanced equipment and chemicals. First, our mold removal experts on Long Island will access the damage and find the cause of the mold growth. If the mold is caused by a water leak or other water source, we will first repair that water problem to prevent mold growth from repairing. We will then isolate the contaminated area and remove any items from that area (which we will also repair to the extent possible). All non-valuables or items beyond repair will be placed in plastic bags and properly disposed of. We will then use a specialized air filtration system to prevent the airborne mold spores from further spreading. We will then remove the mold or mildew from your home using equipment and safe chemicals. Lastly, we will remediate your home to its pre-mold condition. Long Island Mold Inspection Service’s process is safe, effective and efficient and will have your home beautiful, safe and free of mold.


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